Our founder, Christy Felix, started a side-hustle in college braiding hair for students on campus. Christy was having trouble growing her hair braiding business due to an inability to market her business and gain more customers. Because she depended on her side-hustle to pay for her college education, it was important to find a new way to market to more students.

After growing the idea of the business at various entrepreneurship classes at Cornell University and Georgetown University, she decided that college students everywhere needed a place to show their hustle.

We recognize that students today have difficulties balancing increasing academic costs and their college careers; which is why we created a platform that makes saving and making money while in college simple, painless, and convenient so they can focus on what matters.

Since being found in October of 2018, UHustle has grown substantially and has now launched at Georgetown University. UHustle is now serving students in various categories such as academic support, fashion, arts and crafts, and more.

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Braiding Hair




We encourage all entrepreneurs to utilize their skills and talents to build careers, wealth, and future businesses.


UHustle values diversity of business, identity, and thought and thus we aim to make everyone who comes onto our website feel included and welcomed.


At UHustle we never underestimate the value of hard-work. It is the very foundation of our company. We are determined to aim to make hustling, easier.