1: What is your return, refund, or exchange policy?

  • UHustle sellers are considered independent sellers and they have individual return, refund, and exchange policies. Please carefully review each individual seller’s policy and contact the seller for further steps.


2: Can I make transactions through the website?

  • Yes. We accept all traditional credit cards.


3: What are sellers prohibited from selling?

  • Drugs, alcohol, items involving sex and pornography and any items not within the Terms of Use and Community Standards are prohibited for sale on UHustle.


4: Who is allowed to sell on UHustle?

  • Anybody college student at an accredited two or four year university (over the age of 13) is allowed to sell as long as they abide by the Terms of Use.


5: Do you need to have an email ending in .edu to register?

  • Yes, only college students in an accredited two and four year university are allowed to register on UHustle.


6: Are there any hidden fees to utilize UHustle?

  • UHustle charges a 10% transaction fee for every transaction.


7: How do I report a seller on UHustle for inappropriate conduct?

  • Please see the Report Policy.


8: Can register with a school that I do not attend?

  • You may only register under the university that corresponds to your email ending in .edu.


9: Can I sell on UHustle after I graduate from my college or university?

  • Unfortunately, no. UHustle is for current college students only.